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tv   News  RT  June 19, 2018 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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shipping data from thomas reuters i can u.s. crew to get this this these are huge numbers crude oil shipments to china have soared in value recently jumping from just one hundred million per year per month i should say in early two thousand and seventeen we're looking at a billion dollars per month now that's huge oil industry has already been hit here we're seeing stocks of exxon going down from last friday for of chevron and just think now you're going to have russia and the saudis open up those pumps a little bit more they're going to open their taps oil prices are going to go down this is not what the u.s. wanted to see and china has other people to fill the gap yes they do and one of those countries happens to be you ran and you know that's going to get under mr dong trump skin for sure but we appreciate so much you guys taking time we're better informed because of the arctic correspondents alex my highly bitch and kayla bop and thank you both for your time thank you. and time now for a quick pause for the promotional cause but hang here because when we return we'll talk with the c.e.o.
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of zap dot org nick spann also plus lauren fix the car coach is back and we'll get up to speed on the auto industry news including tesla that some say turned into a flame thrower you heard correctly as we go to break here are the numbers at the closing bell mixed day on the stock but this coin is notably up four percent for the day as we went to air above sixty seven hundred dollars we'll be right back.
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etc see a. ball your. mum.
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when lawmakers manufacture consent instead of public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves. in the final merry go round of lives only the one percent. who ignore middle of the room signal. her real name is the on.
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to have you back a year and a day after amazon acquired luxury and specialty food retailer whole food it's clear the formation of that critical leverage point for amazon to infiltrate brick and mortar grocery sales is reshaping those sectors specifically it pushed established players to find a powerful tech ally in the name of google google's new program shopping actions will promote certain retailers in exchange for a skim from the sales receipts target wal-mart home depot cosco wholesale and ultra beauty incorporated have announced as ben being partners google says the program was conceived as a response to countless google queries of where can i buy this which tend to end sooner or later in an amazon purchase meanwhile amazon has moved as expected to offer a ten percent discount on certain sale items and other special deals at whole foods for paid subscribers to amazon prime while only a small fraction of items will ever be on discount at the same time the program may
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increase foot traffic in those stores and create an impression that prices have come down at whole foods which is sarcastically been tagged by some as whole paycheck the stigma of a reputation for high prices has been noted as a significant barrier to growth at whole foods. krypto back hedge funds are seeing disappointing returns on their investment according to the firm hedge fund research global hedge fund invested in crypto currencies have in fact seen a negative return that this comes on the heels of bitcoin losing more than half of its value in less than a year with a market cap dropping from three hundred billion to one hundred billion dollars a recent string of high profile hacks hasn't helped either additionally a recent report from the bank of international settlements or b i yes said that crypto currencies are more likely to suffer trust and efficiency breakdowns on top of that the swiss based group pointed that most people. aren't treating crypto
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currencies like money instead of holding them and using them more like speculative investments on that topic we now turn to crypto xin are pleased to be joined by nick spannaus the c.e.o. of zap dot org and a pioneer of bitcoin and blocking technology nick we're so pleased that you would join us we appreciate it spending some time with us as someone who saw a lot of this from the beginning where do you think we are in the development of crypto currencies overall or the way to be in the thanks for having me by the way i think we're right at the beginning i mean. we're so early i think it's like the wheel was just invented and it's rolling downhill and world cave people and the we're laughing that we see it roll down the hill but we haven't seen the new innovations that are to come you know the bicycle the car the airplane the steam. mill of the steam motor you know the steam engine i'm sorry of all these things that come where in the flintstones or we're headed to the jetsons of that's
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a great analogy i love that i may steal it from you so what do you think are the things that kryptos have to do the people that are involved in this space to be more widely accepted and how does you know put my former regulatory had on this how does regulation play into more acceptance in the crypt of the crypto world. well. you know it's going to happen it's happening as we speak adoption is occurring. in the jihad geometrical of a geometrical rate there's no stopping it. companies are creating their own cryptocurrency their own tokens and tokenize ing that this service is their computation power their ability to store. information people are purchasing these things tokens and. being part of the ecosystem in
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addition all the people that are. out in the that have not been banked in the past have a way to be bank now there's three billion plus people that don't have a bank account and they cannot be part of the worldwide economy but as cryptocurrency becomes more prevalent in those areas and pervasive in those areas all you have to do is drop a android phone in the in the village and all sudden they can get a crypto loans to to buy more farm equipment buy more seeds and they can be part of the world economy even maybe the kid knows how to code and get paid in the currency and it's just growing like wildfire there's no stopping. you know i mean i'm a former regulator and i believe that they that we need some basic not overzealous certainly don't want to for innovation some basic regulation but not everybody agrees and that's ok i think if there's something there that people can have some confidence in deregulation it will help but do you agree or no. well yeah you know
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. regulation has its place of course with crypto currencies the transparency. level is so high in comparison to what we've what we have now what we've had before that you know it's a better for regulators because the currency is so transparent the blocks is transparent immutable no can go back and change or fix the books from in the past so i believe it's better for regulators let me ask you we reported last week about william shatner captain kirk from star trek getting involved in the crypto space and and we've seen snoop dog and dennis rodman and some other celebrities get involved in it do these celebrity endorsements help or are they somewhat a distraction and make it seem like crypto currencies maybe are as seriously as i think you and i both think they should be well of course because of the currency in the economics of sirius and taken
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a world by storm and well sometimes maybe some entities. need a celebrity to get their technology out this people can actually go down and read the white paper and see what the technology does and but i think better strategic alliances with corporate partners of people that have more ability is such as. mr sean combs who's a part of our efforts he. you know he's a businessman just yesterday who was rated top one hundred smartest business people in the world by forbes so there's little difference in what someone would determine as just only a celebrity endorsement if you have a strategic partnership with someone who. you know understands business and the business world that's even better i think captain kirk says to get involved in something i am certainly going to pay attention and i'm glad he is quote unquote
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beamed into this space at an expanded to c.e.o. of sap dot org thank you so much for your time nick hope you come back here we were boldly going where no man has gone before excellent thank you sir take care thank you. and earlier today the c.e.o. of car maker audi was arrested arrested related to the ongoing scandal that started with volkswagen over emissions cheating devices installed on their vehicle audi as part of the v.w. group this makes rupert stadler the audi c.e.o. the highest ranking v.w. group employee to be detained related to the scandal he was reportedly taken into custody in order to ensure that there was no witness tampering connected with the ongoing investigations according to c.n.n. money the news comes days after german regulators issued a one point two billion dollars fine for emissions cheating that fine in addition to the already more than thirty billion dollars that v.w. has already paid seem to be something people are taking note about and here to talk
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about audi and the other auto industry news in this story jammed up stories that are jammed up is car coach lauren fix lauren thanks as always for taking time to b.s. with us what's your take on that arrest. well we kind of thought to be somebody to be arrested researcher was v.w. group or is going to be staff from audi but the fact is these engines are all volkswagen engine so someone from volkswagen in their engineering department is obviously not the only one's going to take the fall they've been trying to protect upper management because they're not the ones making the final decisions that we know of so this is going to be interesting as it all unfolds but the fact is they cheated diesel does work if you use what's called add blue which is an additive in the exhaust it's made of urea and then it does make it better for the emissions for the environment however when you cheat the system you pay the price and this is the price that volkswagen and all of their subsidiaries are going to pay more and do
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you think the diesel autos not the truck fleets true but do you think that we're really you know moving beyond diesel into regular gasoline or are they still going to be around. no diesel is still here as a matter of fact jaguar land rover is a full lineup of diesel products and i'm actually testing a jaguar f. pace diesel right now which i totally love general motors has got a full lineup of diesels coming in mazda's got diesel coming in. diesel coming in so and diesel trucks are very popular as well and the smaller the f one fifty in the ram and the chevy silverado so i don't believe that diesel is going to go away i think the answer is going to be mixture of solutions to paint on where you live i just drove the jaguar i place which is all plug in doesn't make sense in the middle of the country and may make sense on the edges of the country where there's an infrastructure so again it depends on your needs your driving style and of course there's a cost involved too and then we don't know the impact to the environment down the road some people just don't want them to go lauren we reported recently on how
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a c.e.o. that you love to hate maybe i should say to you on must that has flamed i don't know one person i know i'm talking in cheek but he reported about his flame throwers that were selling so incredibly but now that is news that they are as you might expect being incorrectly used for things like barbecuing food of all things but in a weird twist the tesla car company is now investigating that car is catching on fire actress mary mccormick posted a video showing her husband michael maurice's tesla model s. suddenly catching fire on a busy los angeles street and it looks like there's a poor beneath that what do you make of all this while on the flame throwers i should tell you anyone that ordered one and a friend of mine did you have to pick them up because they can't be shipped because it's compressed so it's compressed gas and so that was an absolute no go in the end all those flame throwers he supposedly sold didn't sell but as far as that car was parked and in santa monica the car caught fire and oddly i was just having this
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conversation with someone about the fact this reminds me of battery one two three which was the battery company that supplied batteries to fisker fisker was a predecessor of tesla it was put together by her fisker who is a. powered and battery powered the car company died because of the fact these batteries were catching fire in people's homes here we are getting what an odd coincidence that now we've got cars catching fire this is not the only one when the national transportation safety board is now involved and they're overlooking this again we have a problem the reason is the batteries are cooled by ethylene glycol that material is highly flammable so when you heat up one cell that coolant that's supposed to keep it cool heats up the cell next to it and it causes a chain reaction so it's not like a fire that burns out it just keeps hitting the next cell so it's a long term burn which causes firefighters to be very concerned where they think
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they control the fire it comes back and that's why you're seeing what you're seeing is that it's a chain reaction of battery cells catching fire so interestingly real quick we've only got about forty five seconds but tyo does their shipments from japan to the u.s. increased by twenty two percent in april and i was surprised that the camry has been replaced by the rav four as the most popular toy out of vehicle the u.s. but will that large import increase united states make the automakers a target of the trump administration's trade tariffs and sanctions that we've been talking about on the show all the time. we have to remember a lot of these vehicles are built from toyota and honda nissan here in the u.s. even volvo is opening a plant in south carolina and wednesday and so everyone's going to build here in the u.s. and that's what's going to cause more products being used here to be built here and until that tariff balances out and we don't know what the results of that are going to be right now it's you know they're playing this negotiation game back and forth
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we're all in limbo i remain you factures going to try and build as much as they can here for this industry for this area for north america and we'll see what the results are not in the end but right now the red ford does not surprise me it's a very popular crossover were fresh out of time but thank you so much for being with us lauren fix the car coach and the president of the north american car utility and truck of the year old ward thanks for being with us lauren. thank you and that's it for now catches it boom bust slash r t c n x time. when a loved one is murder it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murder i would prefer it be to the death penalty just because i think that's the fair thing the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict just found innocent the idea that we were executing innocent people is terrifying the is just
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no really hasn't been that we hear even many of the times families want the death penalty to be abolished the research to get help here is because that's what murder victim's families what that's going to give them peace that's going to give them justice and we come in saying. not quite enough we've been through this this isn't the way. to. get a phone no i don't have what was the last time that you went on the internet no i am not used to these village is it safe because. i sure there is no music ters there they are all going to be sure that the baby doesn't cover his that is the. one who was going to see were gone the
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only way for me is death as part of the others have to give. up that was what i was. previously yes i know they are being false fall in love wearing the suit member of the society. where you left. them.
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day five. was. putting off the last minute two to one when. clearly. i i. i don't clash with egypt in a game that could ultimately decide who will make the playoffs. and in other developments u.s. and south korea say they will counsel joint military drills. which pyongyang sees.
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for invasion. headlines on this hour's top cop stops welcome to the program international. so day five all of the tournament so england beating to near zero in volgograd pictorial was far from straightforward it took england until the ninety first minute to seal the win with a header by captain eric a mostly saving the day of the artsy team was joined by star peter schmeichel magister united boss of jersey money to keep an eye on that game at monday's other
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top. i know you've been watching the first half they haven't we have a suite in south korea nil nil who's got the upper hand she said i don't think sweden is a favorite to win this match would you expect a tie game then today yes and i would be surprise you for. some. belgium to take on what you make of this game then what should we make of panama i would consider them one of the teams that if they get the points what an amazing. what an amazing achievement for them and if they get the point what. a match this is for belgium all england's to lose. to lose two points against one of your. thinking on england the final game tonight in a different group as the players as
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a school system if you play against an inferior team creates them problems so i think england has more than enough to win to. thank you. i. i feel very very happy for the england boys because if they hadn't got there the next couple of days would have been terrible for them and they would have been crucified by the that the british media and i'm not sure that they are kind of go completely free the second half of all for one of the things that of course we've seen in this world cup are the big guns not quite doing it and women did it they labored to
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a two one win but the three points on the board that cannot be said for argentina can't be said for brazil a lot of other teams so when you put that into context it's a good win it's a terry to win because the end of the day it's all about the three points and said one man who didn't do what he was on the field to do was hurricane. very impressive with i'm very impressed with how it came are so. enormous responsibility on his shoulders to not only school the goals but also lead the team and he's not saying no he's a by the way behind it if we hear that the drums are starting and then won their game told the crowd peter all over is done there for us peter just when we thought it was over a last minute winner how delighted i mean where you are belief which is i think as we can now see extended to happiness people are very very pleased certainly england fans very pleased we thought when.
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the largest body of english found the loudest crowd of english fans was right behind that goal and it's behind hurricane school that went on in that ninety minutes a good chance to be good to you i even found yet anger and there we go what's it been like hope you found the i wasn't here. first sight how to show i was told don't bring your phone. because they'll timeframe to you i mean you've heard everything. we say to people so go and find out for yourself you know the politicians we let them get on the do what they good today because they were journalists and i just want to come watch football be part of this fix for the for russia the movement for want to see an opening if the fans for sale really one will get on them is doing well we decided to come and we came in and we just found people to be super friendly brand new stadium fantastic atmosphere fantastic people vocal crowds decided to see guns have been very
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impressive very loud very vocal. and with the one who are really very sort of brought to these are two those mark you know hopefully the second level of the second game professional it really is i hear the cheers underneath peter just before you go before the game that being that british media reports other media reports about a plague a fly in volgograd which a trend to this for the game for players and also funds alike how bad was the during the day absolutely horrific you know during the day you horrible i was swarmed with them i went for a room this morning and when i washed my when i went in the shower afterwards i think i washed about two or three thousand of them out of my head they died out in the evening thankfully i don't think they played any part in the game but during the daytime games in both they could well be saluted watch out. after. the
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game in the next time paloma had expected to win but then it's all about belgium there because belgium didn't start the best but they came out on top quite easily in the end they did what i had to do today they beat them three nil. looks comfortable at the end but then i hear my one of the causes one of the then maybe for. ways to win this tournament people in general think that they have a fantastic squad come out and it's to the you know it's a long long way to go away but they're looking all right so far three know the when the by well in the first five days all of this world cup is going fast peter is that five days in that we have seen the big boys fail to impress underdogs like iceland or run securing some at big scalps on the two million families who have flocked to russia to witness the action well they'll be left disappointed.
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oh oh. oh oh. oh. oh. he'll any rumors about like russian hooligans on russian hackers while in america. the russian spy how many people are spying on you right now will probably be telling people are watching the film i stuck with him yes that's a good sport i see him in japan i. could go but the stuff is i know better than.
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i. don't know i'm sure i know you know what. i was. ok. if. i. close.
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the atmosphere in the city amazing and you know where we are just in the most iconic place in the city where of everybody is coming i can imagine so to two nationalities probably even more on the streets that must be it's fantastic the city is beautiful the weather is an amazing amazing experience for me but now i need a little bit of work i need a little bit of holiday but i will be back so we had. to be false i mean finals and finals. and london i woke up today still buzzing from england's last.


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